Culture & Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

This 4-week program is for international students from ages 15 to 18 who wish to:

  • Improve their spoken/oral/conversational English and build their English vocabulary
  • Learn about and experience American culture and daily life
  • Learn how to apply to US colleges and universities
  • Visit places of interest in the US

American Cultural Exchange ServiceBy living with American host families, international students have the opportunity to experience American culture and daily living, practice English with native speakers, and make long-lasting American friendships. International students also study English in a classroom with a certified ESL instructor, This provides students with the opportunity to improve their English ability, particularly their oral English skills. In addition, students will participate in carefully selected cultural activities and events as a way to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the English language and American society. Finally, students will meet with a college counselor to learn about US colleges and universities, including how to successfully navigate the application process. This program helps international students gain confidence and be well-prepared for their future study in the US or other country.

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