Host Schools

Why enroll exchange students?

By enrolling exchange students, schools can globalize their classrooms and provide their students with an international perspective. ACES students are also expected to become an asset to the school by serving as a resource for cross-cultural understanding during International Education Week and throughout the academic year. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in school activities and clubs both as a way to broaden their own experiences in the United States as well as to become an integrated part of the school community thereby allowing for more cross-cultural interaction with American students, teachers and others.

ACES Academics

The High School Homestay Program is an academic cultural exchange program and ACES requires all students to carry a full course load. Their courses must include English and one American studies class (history, government, economics, sociology, etc.). Students must maintain a “C” average for all courses, receive no failing grades and demonstrate effort in all classes. If a student is struggling after the initial adjustment period, their Local Coordinator and national office will assist the student to bring his/her academic efforts up to expectations.

ACES Support for Schools

ACES has trained individuals in each area in which a student is placed. These Local Coordinators are responsible, well-respected members of their community. They also have the desire to promote global understanding and intercultural learning through international exchanges and enjoy spending time with and assisting participants, host families, schools, and their communities to have successful exchange experiences. Local Coordinators are responsible for: placing the student with an appropriate family; coordinating enrollment in the local high school; assisting in student registration; providing host family and student orientations; regular monitoring of the student’s progress; and dealing with any issues or problems as they arise.

Resources for Schools