Student of the Month – November 2017

Winner: Eric from China living in California

CN1-07_1Fantastic. Friendly. Kind. Humble. Glass is half-full attitude. These are some of the many ways Eric’s local coordinator, host family and school describe him.  Eric’s unassuming qualities have made him an exceptional and successful exchange student thus far.

CN1-07_2During International Education Week, Eric captivated audiences with a particularly unique and creative  project. He combined his passions for art and food by painting and presenting a “Map of China Through a Foodie’s Eyes.” He also prepared traditional Chinese food to share with his audience, and donated the leftovers to a homeless shelter. Eric commented after that he “became more confident speaking in public and enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to learn more about American culture during conversations with the audience.”

At school Eric has straight As, is heavily involved in the art program, and even founded a physics competition! He was recently awarded “the most improved swimmer of the year” on his team as well. Way to go Eric!!

ACES is proud to have you as an exchange student and appreciates your continued originality and strive for excellence during your time in the US!

Runner-Up: Gil from Mozambique living in Ohio

MOZ-1Gil is an amazing young man who is always eager to volunteer his time to serve others. He has spent many hours volunteering at the YMCA with the Teen Outreach Program, raising money at Wendy’s for Leah’s Kenya Library project and giving tours of his High School to visitors. When he isn’t busy volunteering, Gil has enjoyed giving presentations for International Education Week, and participating in Model UN and the African American culture club. He was recently inducted into the National Honor Society and will be joining the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honors Society as well! We know you are a valued member of your host community and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the coming months.