Local Coordinators

Host Families

What is a Local Coordinator?

Local Coordinators are an integral and indispensable part of ACES program operations. They represent the organization and its programs in their local communities. The men and women who serve as Local Coordinators are from all backgrounds, experiences and walks of life. They all share an interest in promoting global understanding through international exchanges and enjoy spending time with individuals from around the world.

What are the qualifications to become a Local Coordinator?

  • Have the desire to promote global understanding and intercultural learning.
  • Enjoy spending time with and assisting individuals from around the world.
  • Are self-starters who enjoy working with people.
  • Are eager to develop relationships with schools, host families, and others in their local community.

What responsibilities do Local Coordinators have?

Local Coordinators are responsible for representing ACES and its programs in their local communities. The specific responsibilities vary according to the program and may include:

  • Securing host family and school placements.
  • Conducting orientations for program participants and host families.
  • Supervising program participants and assisting with issues as they arise.
  • Maintaining relationships with schools and host families.

What will I gain from being a Local Coordinator?

Aside from the fun, excitement and rewarding experiences you will have with your program participants, host families, schools and others in your community, ACES Local Coordinators are compensated for their work and commitment. As an independent contractor, you will receive monetary compensation for the work you do.

Additionally, Local Coordinators who place a minimum number of high school program participants are invited to attend the ACES National Meeting, which is held yearly in the spring. Occasionally other travel opportunities are offered as well and depend on a variety of factors.

What is my obligation to ACES?

Local Coordinators choose the number of students they place and are never obligated to take on more program participants than they feel comfortable working with. Together with ACES, Local Coordinators match host families and program participants for a successful exchange experience.

What kind of support and training will I receive from ACES?

Local Coordinators receive support from the ACES national office at every step of program administration. This support includes:

  • A dedicated & experienced national office staff to offer guidance & assistance whenever possible
  • Comprehensive program training manual
  • Over the phone training throughout the year
  • All necessary forms and support documents for each program and its participants
  • Promotional materials
  • 24 hour emergency assistance

In addition, ACES Local Coordinators may attend periodic training sessions run by experienced staff from our national office or an ACES Regional Director. Over the phone and/or in-person trainings cover program administration, policies and procedures, placement and supervision techniques and more. Local Coordinators who place a minimum number of high school program participants are offered an all-expense paid trip to the ACES National Meeting, where coordinators have the opportunity to meet each other, share experiences, and work with the national office and other Local Coordinators on program operations.

How do I become a Local Coordinator?

Simply complete the Local Coordinator Request Form, and submit it to the national office. You will then be contacted by ACES to complete the application process, which will include an application, online criminal background check, references and an interview.